Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are You Ready?

Welcome to the 100 Families Challenge site.  The Lancaster family is so excited to see this come to life.  We are asking 100 Families to commit to the challenge of raising Adoption Awareness. 
Here is difference 100 Families could make:
If 100 families had a fundraiser in their community, and each family brought in $100 and donated that to an adoption fund or adopting family - that would be a total of $10,000
If 100 families gave $100 a year to adoption causes - that would be $10,000
If 100 families donated $10/month to an adoption fund - that would add up to $12,000
If 100 families collected just $.50/day in spare change and donated the money - that would total $18, 250
If 100 families hosted fundraisers to raise adoption awareness in their churches and communities and each event raised $1000 - the amount raised would be $100,000 (Wow!)
If 100 families told 100 people about the blessing of adoption - 10,000 people would be educated on adoption and the needs of these children
If those 10,000 people went forth and told 100 people each - then 1 MILLION people's eyes would be open to the needs of the over 143 Million orphans in our world today.

One Hundred families can make a huge impact in the lives of desperate children around the world!

To join the Challenge - simply send us an email at, leave a comment on this blog, or sign up as a follower.  From now until the end of the year, set your goals as a family and decide what you can do to help raise adoption awareness and funds for adoption in your church and community.  Share your successes with other families through this blog and inspire others to get out and spread the word.  

If you are raising funds - here are some great places who would graciously accept your donations:, http://www.roomforonemorechildhttp//,,,

You can also choose a family in your area who is adopting and make a donation to help offset their adoption expenses or help start an adoption fund in your church.  Whatever you choose to do - we encourage you to get started right away and get others to join the Challenge.  We look forward to hearing your stories.